How do I use this? And what is it exactly?
This all-too-common problem can lead to weight gain and disease. But studies have found some foods that help to combat it. Here are 7 such foods we recently learned have been found to have such an impact on this common problem.
What is healthiest? What is the best way to lose weight? What is best for the environment? Not all these questions are within the scope of this essay, but I can offer my observations on what the best diet is, for both weight loss and life. Are you ready?
The prospect of developing dementia or Alzheimer's Disease are two of the most-feared health concerns people have. A recent study found a substance that may reduce a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's or dementia... and it's one that may surprise a lot of people.
So many different people have said this product has helped with so many different things that when other people hear about it, they don't believe it. They figure those people are imagining it. But what if all of them are looking at it the wrong way? What if they are overlooking the sort of "chain reaction" that might be involved?
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly half of all US adults have this problem that’s linked to heart disease, cancer and cognitive impairment. And it's also linked to ED, respiratory problems, and more. What is it?
One of most feared of all diseases is Alzheimer’s, which is certainly understandable. A lot of research has been done on this terrible disease. And that research has pinpointed certain genes that indicate a person’s likelihood of developing it. BUT, that’s far from the end of the story of anyone’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s because there are choices you can make that can reduce your risk of it despite your genes.
How does this one thing do so many different things for different people? Maybe it doesn't. Maybe it does just a few things that happen to do a lot of different things themselves.
We’ve often written about foods with health benefits now backed up by research. Some of those benefits are pretty big and often pretty surprising to most people. Well we have some more good surprises for you! Some of the tastiest foods have now made that list.
You will likely be surprised to learn that research has found a way to boost weight loss without using exercise, supplements, or calorie restriction. You may want to add those helpful weight loss techniques to this new one, but the new, free and easy one, did not require them.
A recent warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said 40% of children between 3 and 6 years old are using potentially dangerous amounts of toothpaste. How much toothpaste is too much? And why the concern?
In today’s world, with so much hype and exaggerated claims for just about everything you can think of, we hope you would be skeptical if anyone told you that one particular thing could prevent a major disease. Having said that, research has found a single nutrient appears to make a big dent in your risk of 4 — yes four — major health concerns...
In one of the largest studies of its kind to date researchers found that those who were moderately deficient in in this nutrient, had a 53% increased risk of developing any kind of dementia, and those participants who were severely deficient had their risk of developing any kind of dementia increase by 125%.
Whether for an upcoming family gathering, or holiday, or just for your everyday convenience and benefits, this tip is one of those you'll use forever once you see how well it works. You likely have this "secret ingredient" in your kitchen already but may not have realized how great a secret weapon it can be in your quest to make the best salads, sauces, cookies, cakes and more.. and keep them fresh longer as well.
Common NON-Rx Meds Linked to Memory, Depression, Confusion, & Anxiety... Weeks or Months After Use A recent study found the problems above can be caused in people as long as weeks or months after they start using those meds...both over the counter, and prescription forms...
Studies show people who sit all day have a far higher risk of diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Surprisingly, studies have also learned that one specific thing is far more beneficial to weight loss than exercise is. People who do this all day but get no exercise do better than those who sit all day and exercise for 30 to 60 minutes. Some even say this activity "may save your health and/or your life".
More and more research keeps finding the bottom line cause of many health problems today is chronic inflammation. Inflammation is our immune system's response to a threat - whether it's a real or an "imagined" one by the immune system. It's characterized by swelling of the tissues and joints in our bodies. Somewhat surprisingly there are some tasty raw foods and ingredients that can reduce inflammation quickly. For the detail
An awful lot of people wind up dealing with this problem. To say it's not pleasant is a huge understatement and it impacts your body in many ways. The amazing thing is that people may be able to help protect themselves from problems with it by doing one very simple thing. It's not time consuming or something anyone dreads doing. It's simple.
If asked what they can do to protect their memory and make their brain work well, most people think of the kinds of food they eat, nutritional supplements they take, exercise they get, and maybe controlling the stress in their lives. But very few think of a common item in their house that might play a part in boosting their brain power... it's not microwave ovens. cell phones or TVs....
Statistics say close to 40% of all Americans suffer from this problem at least once a month, and nearly 50% of pregnant women suffer with it in `their third trimester. Unfortunately, common Other-the-Counter (OTC) medications used for it, have been linked to heart attacks, fractures, infections, and more.
Some of the foods you — and nearly everyone else — are eating, harm your brain in terms of memory issues, and also in its ability to learn. That was the conclusion of a UCLA study published in the Journal of Physiology that found a diet high in this substance over time can lead to impaired memory and impaired ability to learn. But that's not the end of it. It can also cause insulin resistance over time...
Recent research has found that partaking in this enjoyable activity, is as big a benefit to your health as quitting smoking is to those who smoke! Sounds like big benefits to us! It has a positive benefit on your immune system (even fewer colds and flu!!), it helps people deal with stress better. It has heart benefits and more.
People who don't get enough of this essential item are putting themselves at risk for a huge number of health problems... far more than most people imagine. But there are ways to easily boost the amount you get of this. And there are foods that can help...if you eat them at the right times.
People assume Over-The-Counter (OTC) pain relief medications are "pretty much harmless". Think again. Studies have found that these particular OTC meds can raise a person's risk of having a stroke or a heart attack by as much as 20% to 50%. And the risk starts from the First Week of Use... it doesn't take prolonged use.... from the first week of use.
There's an activity that is much-loved by millions of people that research has now found has some very significant health benefits. From reduced heart trouble and risk of diabetes to being the most popular type activity of this category by centenarians. Maybe they know something we should know?
Most people would never guess that this very popular snack item may actually help their teeth. Both in helping to prevent cavities, and in protecting tooth enamel. Can you guess what snack it is?
Few people realize how important it is to pay close attention to this. It's critical to Pay Attention... studies say not doing so can lead to bacteria getting into your brain, and more.
Countless people have told us that they love this for their hair -- telling us that their hair behaves better, looks as thick as possible, and stays healthy. Many say it even helps to tame bedhead hair...
We’ve written before about a condition that is likely affecting more and more people every day that has been found to be the biggest reason people FEEL old. It’s now also been linked to a more than doubling of the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. What is it?
A recent study found cases of this cancer have tripled over the last 30 years. Researchers studying it believe the culprit may be lurking in places that might be the last places you’d suspect it. Julie Ann Sosa, Professor of Surgery & Medicine, and Chief of Endocrine Surgery at Duke Cancer Institute, Duke University Medical Center, said there’s a virtual epidemic of this cancer that in the United States.
It’s pretty common to see these items listed as healthy additions to one’s diet. What’s surprising to a lot of people is that they can be especially good for your brain. And the most “news-like” element of this article is that certain types have certain and distinct types of benefits for cognition, and weight control. What type of items are we talking about?
If you're a coffee drinker you may often have people tell you that you should back off your coffee drinking because they’ve heard it’s bad for your health. The truth, according to research, is that it has significant health benefits… with a few caveats we’ll detail later in this article. And another drink that's always had a "better reputation" as being healthy, has been found to have even more benefits than most people are aware of.
Are you new to Willard's Water and have a couple questions? You've chosen to start using our products and are enjoying their benefits, but still aren't sure you quite understand everything? No problem, let us fill you in on the basics.
Have you noticed that nearly every “diet program” you check out tells you to be sure to get enough of one very common item? Nearly every diet expert recognizes that this common item can (and does) help the body to lose weight. And it also helps the body to NOT gain weight — especially important to those fortunate people who don’t have to diet.
People often ask us why other people seem to love Dr. Willard's Water (Willard's Water or WW for short) so much. They wonder if it makes them healthier or happier or what. To answer that it is good to keep in mind just what that means... according to the World Health Organization, “Health is more than the absence of disease. Health is a state of optimal well-being.” Americans once believed that the body maintains a consistent state of health wi
You might be surprised to know that the substance that has been found to help adults and kids reduce brain fog, joint pain and metabolic issues mentioned in the above headline has also been found to prevent headaches; prevent crankiness, make skin glow, improve “executive function” like planning and strategy development, is not some brand new high tech discovery, or supplement… it’s
I'd bet almost nobody reading this will guess correctly on what we're talking about.. What do you think has now been found to cause an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, negative thinking, and a harder time on math tests? And also causes all these negatives:
If you or someone you know does have cravings (seems nearly everyone does), you or they will probably find this information very interesting. A lot of us have thought we just have cravings because we like some particular food or sweet too much and we know we shouldn’t eat it, but we usually give in and eat it anyway…. and then we feel guilty for not being able to just ban it from our lives. But research has found otherwise.
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