Hiding in Plain Sight... A Major Key to Weight Loss Help Usually Ignored by Most People
Have you noticed that nearly every “diet program” you check out tells you to be sure to drink “enough” water, or “more” water, or some variation of these instructions?  It does seem that nearly every diet expert recognizes that drinking water can (and does) help the body to lose weight. And it also helps the body to NOT gain weight — especially important to those fortunate people who don’t have to diet.

Maybe it’s just too simple... if we’re tackling what for most of us is real difficult problem... trying to lose weight... it doesn’t make sense to us that drinking water could be all that important. But a lot of studies say that’s simply wrong. We’ve gathered up some interesting study results and tips for incorporating more water more easily into your routine, so here we go.

Burn more calories by drinking water cold — ice cold. It turns out when water is ice cold, your body has to warm it to get it to body temperature so it can be digested. Since water has 0 calories to begin with, and your body has to burn calories to warm it up, it winds up being a “negative calorie” beverage.

How many calories can that burn? Studies say enough to cause you to lose weight over time... specifically the ex- perts say if you drink two liters or water every day you can increase your body’s daily calorie burning count by 400 calories. If 400 calories doesn’t sound like enough to bother with... even if you change nothing else, that 400 calorie increase means you could lose a pound in less than 2 weeks.

Drinking water hot also has benefits! In a 2008 study conducted at Penn State, people who drank hot drinks before meals consumed 134 fewer calories than those who skipped the pre-meal hot drink. And it doesn’t have to be hot water alone ...decaf tea or coffee worked too.

Drink water all day! You’ve probably heard being dehydrated hurts weight loss. Believe it. Researchers at the University of Utah found that when your body is dehydrated it burns 2% fewer calories at rest.

On top of that, your mind often sends “hungry signals” when you’re actually just thirsty. So sipping water all day can hold those “I’m hungry—feed me” signals at bay. And all those little sips throughout the day can make a significant difference... German researchers found that drinking 6 cups of water throughout the day increased resting cal- orie burn by 50 calories a day.

Drink water before your meals. You will eat less if you do, and scientists have proven it. A study at Virginia Tech found that study participants who drank two 8-oz glasses of water before meals lost more weight over a 12-week period. How much more? Thirty-six percent more... 36%.

If you’re someone who finds drinking that much water makes you uncomfortable or bloated, etc., consider this: “Roger” told us he had tried this water-before-meals idea to lose weight a few years before he discovered Willard’s Water and it didn’t work for him then, because of how bloated all that water made him feel. After he discovered WW he decided to try the water-before-meals-diet- plan again, but this time with Willard’s Water instead of regular water. He had no problems with bloating etc, and he DID have very successful weight loss.

If water by itself is too boring to you, experts suggest adding lemon, or cucumber, or berries to it. You can add any of those (and more) to your water and still get its benefits. Lemon and cucumber slices can be added to the water glass or pitcher, and berries can be added to ice cubes when you make them, to flavor your drink as the ice melts in it. And those berries will give you healthy antioxidants as well. And, if you’re a Willard’s Water drinker, you can make your coffee, tea, juices, whatever with your WW and not just drink it as water all the time.

I’m sure if you’ve read this far, you’re also thinking “if regular water helps that much, I bet Willard’s Water would help even more”. We don’t have any studies to say whether or not that specific benefit is available from WW, but as you likely recall, studies have found that Willard’s Water (or WW for short) does increase the absorption of nutrients into the cells, and reports of WW rehydrating people or animals who took in less WW than they would need to take in from regular water to have the impact it did, seems to indicate the WW rehydrates faster than regular water, but we don't know of any studies on that.  We just know what people have told us they have noted, and what veterinarians have reported on animals, but those are anecdotal accounts not studies.  However it would seem clear that the WW certainly didn't hurt in that regard!

And, WW has also been proven to improve digestion and the removal of toxins. Both those things are pretty important when trying to lose weight.

Another thing about Willard’s Water while dieting... a lot of people have told us that when they’re dieting, if they are using any weight loss supplement, drink, or whatever, they found that if they switched from Clear WW to Ultimate Dark WW, the Ultimate Dark WW boosted their results more than the Clear did.

We can’t tell you why Ultimate Dark WW worked better in such weight loss efforts, but we suspect it may have something to do with the trace minerals in the Ultimate WW.  We say that because we've read comments from many natural health experts over many years who have said that when anyone has a craving for anything it very often means that person has some sort of a mineral deficiency.  Which makes us wonder if perhaps the people who reported these experiences may have had fewer cravings and that may have been the reason the Ultiamte worked better for them. Again, that's just speculation, but we offer it because we get a lot of questions from people about that.  

In any case, it seems very clear that drinking enough water is helpful for weight loss.  And since water is essential for health, it's good to remember to drink enough water all the time, whether you are trying to lose weight or not! 

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