What Does It Do That People Love So Much?

People often ask us why other people seem to love Dr. Willard's Water (Willard's Water or WW for short) so much. They wonder if it makes them healthier or happier or what.  To answer that it is good to keep in mind just what that means... according to the World Health Organization, “Health is more than the absence of disease. Health is a state of optimal well-being.”  Americans once believed that the body maintains a consistent state of health without any help and that it only requires attention when one gets “sick.”  We now know, though, that the concept of good health goes far beyond the curing of illness to one of achieving wellness.  Our behavior and the choices we make affect our health. Lifestyle, good nutrition, exercise, and mental stimulation are all vital to maintaining optimum health and Willard’s Water can play a key role in this process. There are three very important ways that WW plays a role in this:

  • Improved Assimilation of Nutrients  -- Get More Good Out of What You Eat or Supplements You Take

One of the immediate benefits of drinking Willard’s Water is improved nutrient assimilation.  Because the Water has been made more active by the addition of its patented micelle catalyst, digestion becomes more complete allowing more of the nutrients in our food to be absorbed by our digestive systems.  Willard’s Water is not a nutrient, but a vehicle by which nutrients are carried throughout the body’s cells, and by which waste is carried away from the cells with water as a means of transportation.

Willard’s Water seems to break down food particles better than ordinary water, therefore greater amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients become available to our systems.  Studies have found evidence that Willard’s Water aids in the digestion of crude proteins by breaking them down into their component amino acids and that carbohydrates and fats are also more efficiently digested when using Willard’s Water.

  • Improved Elimination of Toxins -- Get Rid of the "Bad Stuff" Better

Another benefit of drinking Willard’s Water is its detoxifying effect on our bodies.  In the same way that the Water helps the body deliver more nutrients to the cells, it also more efficiently removes toxins from the body which in turn allows more room for vitamins and other nutrients.

  • Get the Help of a Free Radical Scavenger

Finally, drinking Willard’s Water has shown in studies to serve as a free radical scavenger.  Many scientists believe that free radicals, highly reactive toxic compounds, are responsible for most of the degenerative disease associated with old age and stressful lifestyles.  By reducing these free radicals, Willard’s Water clearly would have a positive effect on one’s overall health.

When you consider the impact that "eating the right foods" to give your body what it needs to be well, and also the impact of removing the "bad stuff" in one's bodies so the good stuff can perform at their best, plus if you also reduce the amount of free radicals that can lead to degenerative diseases, by using Willard's Water, it's not so hard to understand why people might love it... as a part of improving their overall well being.

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