Benefits -- Real or Imagined?

AREN'T IT'S BENEFITS JUST IN PEOPLE'S HEADS? If so, why would it work so well on animals? Like chickens? (Even one of the patents is on its effect on chickens' behavior) And on greyhound racing dogs? (Their trainers found it made them healthier & it stopped problem dogs from fighting with other dogs) And on horses, mice, tropical fish, cows, cats, birds..?

Why did people who were SWITCHED from Willard's Water, (without being told) to imitation, or diluted products, report that it "Seems to have quit working - My benefits have stopped" And, later, after being switched BACK to Dr. Willard's Water, (again without being told), report that their benefits had RETURNED?

Remember, If There Were No Real Benefits, It couldn't have received a U.S. Patent, much less 21 U.S. Patents! The U.S. Patent Office won't issue a patent on "Snake Oil". It won't issue one unless it's convinced the invention does what it claims to do. "Willard's Water's" 21 patents cover everything from improving soil fertility, to transplanting and growing plants, to therapeutically treating warm-blooded animals, to reducing infectious disease & relieving stress in livestock, and MUCH MORE !

But how does Dr. Willard's Water do so many different things? It doesn't. It does ONE thing - It changes the structure of the water you add it to, But that change results in water ("Dr. Willard's Water") that does a "Few Things" which have some far-ranging implications ... improving the elimination of toxins and wastes, and with its nearly endless supply of electrons to give up, becoming an extraordinary antioxidant and scavenger of free radicals, reducing inflamation, balancing pH, and increasing assimilation of nutrients, to name a few.

You See, Sometimes "A Few Things" Explain A Lot !