NCI: Consumers' Favorite Choice For
Willard Water Since 1982! Why?

1. They get to know us as REAL people, and they learn they can TRUST us... just as Dr. Willard did (see his Memo on our home page). They get to know us because when they contact us, REAL people connect with them to answer their questions, take their orders, etc. They can even talk to the same REAL person every time they call if they'd like (except for vacations and such), or they can talk to any of the other REAL people here... everyone here is well-versed enough in WW and our other products to be able to answer questions about them. Many customers come to feel they know us as friends, and we feel the same about them.

2. The ONLY Distributor of the version Dr. Willard considered his "Ultimate" which is (and always has been) only distributed by NCI, per Dr. Willard's wishes ...which tells you how much confidence Dr. Willard had in us!

3. The ONLY Distributor of ALL Three of Dr. Willard's Waters.

4. The only distributor marketing Dr. Willard's Water continuously since 1982
5. We have knowledgeable Real People to take your calls and answer your questions--by phone, or e-mail. None of that "press 1, press 2, tie your shoe" type of frustrating experience when you call us!

6. We will match any lower published price (online or in print) on the same product--our prices are always good, but we can't always know if there is a lower price out there so we'll match it if you bring it to our attention.

FREE Monthly newsletter
to our customers filled with tips on Dr. Willard's Water and various other health topics... some about products we sell, but a lot about products, foods, etc., that we don't sell, but which could be beneficial to you. Also has a Trivia column and a column of "unexplained help stories" people love, and more! A lot of our customers tell us they love our quick-to-read-full-of-info-6-page newsletter so much they keep all the copies in a handy binder.

Nearly Unheard-of Customer loyalty
tells us we're doing something right...some of our customers have been with us since 1982! And some have displayed so much trust in our integrity they used to send us signed blank checks to use when they ordered, back before everyone used credit cards!

9. Total Customer Privacy we have NEVER disclosed, shared, rented, or sold any customer information to any other person or firm. And we NEVER will!

Talk to Real People
With Any of Your Questions