This One Thing Does So Many Different Things.... But, Wait, It Doesn't! But Lots of Things Still Happen...

Dr. Willard’s Water (WW, for short) is definitely not like any other water. It is made during a complex and patented chemical process in which the CAW micelle — an electrically charged colloidal particle that is the core ingredient of Dr. Willard’s Water® — is created. 

This CAW micelle causes the formation of “a catalyst that alters the structure of water, making water behave in a manner that heretofore has not been reported in the literature” as stated by Dr. Willard. It causes a change in the “ordinary” water molecules that can be likened to the difference between diamonds and graphite — both being made of carbon but with differing molecular structures. Both Dr. Willard’s Water® and ordinary water consist of H2O molecules but the structure makes all the difference!

Dr. Willard’s Water® is not a nutrient, but a vehicle by which nutrients are carried throughout the body’s cells, and by which waste is carried away from the cells with water as a means of transportation. 

Animal research has shown that Dr. Willard’s Water® significantly increases the body’s ability to fully absorb essential vitamins and nutrients! Dr. Willard’s Water® has been tested and analyzed by many reputable laboratories and universities all around the world.  While the reasons behind how Dr. Willard’s Water® works remain somewhat of a mystery, the amazing effects of ingesting Dr. Willard’s Water® are well documented.   

The bottom line is that WW improves one’s absorption and assimilation of nutrients, and also improves one’s digestion...the elimination of toxins and wastes. And, the increased absorption of nutrients includes increased absorption of antioxidants so you get more benefit from those antioxidants. And, those antioxidants create more free radical scavenging, so you get greater free radical activity which is also very helpful for your body to function at its best.

All this explains different people’s experiences with WW. For instance, if one person had night vision problems, while another person bruised unusually easily, and both people’s problems got better after regular WW use, both changes likely occurred for the same reason: increased absorption of nutrients. The person with night vision problems may have absorbed more Vitamin A and the person who had been bruising so easily may have absorbed more Vitamin C with regular WW use. So when you think of all the factors affected by the body getting the nutrients it needs, and getting rid of toxins and wastes that work against one’s health, plus the impact of antioxidants and free radical scavenging on one’s health, it’s no wonder that different people may all report different things they notice after regular WW use.

But in all such cases, WW has not treated anything. It just helped the body absorb more of what it needed, and helped it get rid of what it’s better off withour. Plus it benefits the body with its additional boosting of antioxidants and their free radical scavenging. Nope, WW doesn’t treat anything, but it’s known abilities can have far-ranging effects.      


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