One Simple Thing to Avoid This Major Heath Problem?
Recently, we dug through dozens of websites and references looking into things that could improve kidney function, as taking care of the kidneys would seem to be a worthy goal for all of us, since kidneys are, after all, responsible for filtering out toxins from our bodies.

It was a frustrating research project, because
there isn't much that actually helps the kidneys.
There are herbs that researchers have said help with urinary tract infections, and some that can help prevent or break down kidney stones (all very worthwhile things, by the way).
Cranberries seem to do both of the above — help with urinary tract infections (UTI’s), and also in preventing or breaking down kidney stones.  Cranberries may also possibly aid the functioning of the kidneys.
But, for the most part, there isn't really much of anything you can take to supplement your kidneys and reduce stress on them.

When you think about it, it makes some sense that the kidneys would be so particular: everything you take in has to be screened by them. Therefore, most things are just going to add some amount of stress to those very important kidneys.
We did find, however, that research has found one seemingly sure-fire way to improve the function of the kidneys and reduce stress on them... water.  Lots of water. The more water you drink, the more the kidneys can toss out toxins into it. 
Most people don't often drink straight water. They drink soda, or alcoholic drinks, or coffee, or milk, or juice. All of these things contain water (the most necessary substance on Earth), but they also contain other compounds that can have all sorts of negative effects on one’s health, thereby diminishing some of the benefit of the water they provide.  All of these compounds have to be screened by the kidneys, but even more than that, constant consumption will usually have some negative impact on your health, if not your waistline (not many of the alternatives are calorie-free).
Water is the only thing you actually need to hydrate with, there's very little to screen (whatever minerals and salts are in it, mostly), and there's no drawback. No calories, no effects of constant caffeine intake, no increased risk of diabetes from sugar, no toxicity from alcohol, no fat gain. Just refreshment, and hydration.

People always ask us when we talk about water if Willard's Water wouldn't work even better than regular water for anything water does.  The fact is there are no studies we know of regarding Willard's Water and kidneys.  There are studies that show Willard's Water increases one's absorption of nutrients and that it also improves digestion so elimination of toxins is better.  Perhaps getting rid of toxins would be one benefit for the kidneys, but again, there are no studies specifically regarding Willard's Water and kidneys.  But getting rid of toxins is good, so it would seem Willard's Water sure couldn't hurt -- in our strictly layman's opinion -- but, again, there are no studies showing it's even better for the kidneys than regular water is.

Bottom line: the one thing the information we found does show is that water is helpful for one's kidneys.

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