Is it "Just In People's Heads"?
One Person's Story

Back in 1982, after my 21-year-back-problem had gone away and my chronic bronchitis problems were 'history', the source we were buying Dr. Willard's Water from changed the product - without telling us or anyone else. My back got bad again, and my chronic bronchitis returned. Other people we knew who had been extremely pleased with its results initially, were also complaining that it wasn't working any more. . .they all wondered if you could "get immune" to it, because it had worked so well and then quit working. Then, without being told, I was given genuine Dr. Willard's Water again. . . once again my back got better and my bronchitis cleared up.

After learning about the 'switch' that had gone on, and seeing how much better I reacted to the genuine Willard's Water (even though when I was given the real thing, I didn't know it and thought what I was using was still the imitation that had quit working) we gave some of the genuine Willard's Water to the others who thought they'd become 'immune to it'.

Guesss what? Every one of them called to say it worked again... all of them thought they must have mixed it wrong or something, when it hadn't been working. Only after they'd told us that it worked again, did we tell them about the switch that had occurred.

Granted, all that didn't prove anything, in any scientific way, but when that many people's own bodies told them what worked and what didn't, it convinced us it wasn't just working in all our heads, and that the imitation was nowhere near as good! After that, we knew we didn't ever want to be without genuine Dr. Willard's Water again. In making certain of that, the proverbial 'one thing led to another' and we (my husband, Charlie, and I) ended up getting involved in marketing genuine Dr. Willard's Water. That's why we have never sold anything less than genuine Dr. Willard's Water, and why we never will. We know we wouldn't want anything else, and neither should anyone else.

We are also the only authorized distributor of Dr. Willard's third -- and final -- formulation of his prouct. The one called the ULTIMATE Willard's Water. Dr. Willard felt it was his greatest accomplishment with the product, and all testing since has proven him right. It was Dr. Willard's decision, with his family's agreement and support, that we should be the only distributors of his ULTIMATE formulation. We have been honored and humbled by that. We also regard it as a great responsibility.

Genuine Dr. Willard's Water was the reason this company came into being, but many other fine products have come along over the years that also deserve people's consideration, and they are now proudly offered by our company as well. Our promise is to always bring our customers only the highest quality products, at the best price possible for such quality.

And one more thing, when you call our company, you talk to Real People, the ones who have been providing Dr. Willard's Water direct from the Willards' plant longer than any other firm, and much more. Also the place where we know enough about Willard's Water and all any other products we sell that we rarely get a question we can't answer. But if we don't have the answer we will do all we can to find it for you.

And when we say you can talk to Real People, we mean an actual conversation, not just scripted responses. One lady summed it up by saying she enjoys calling us to place her orders because so few places "ever really talk to you any more. When I call you I feel like I'm talking to my neighbor"! --

Kolleen Sunde

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