In one of the largest studies of its kind to date researchers found that those who were moderately deficient in in this nutrient, had a 53% increased risk of developing any kind of dementia, and those participants who were severely deficient had their risk of developing any kind of dementia increase by 125%.
Whether for an upcoming family gathering, or holiday, or just for your everyday convenience and benefits, this tip is one of those you'll use forever once you see how well it works. You likely have this "secret ingredient" in your kitchen already but may not have realized how great a secret weapon it can be in your quest to make the best salads, sauces, cookies, cakes and more.. and keep them fresh longer as well.
Common NON-Rx Meds Linked to Memory, Depression, Confusion, & Anxiety... Weeks or Months After Use A recent study found the problems above can be caused in people as long as weeks or months after they start using those meds...both over the counter, and prescription forms...
Studies show people who sit all day have a far higher risk of diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Surprisingly, studies have also learned that one specific thing is far more beneficial to weight loss than exercise is. People who do this all day but get no exercise do better than those who sit all day and exercise for 30 to 60 minutes. Some even say this activity "may save your health and/or your life".
More and more research keeps finding the bottom line cause of many health problems today is chronic inflammation. Inflammation is our immune system's response to a threat - whether it's a real or an "imagined" one by the immune system. It's characterized by swelling of the tissues and joints in our bodies. Somewhat surprisingly there are some tasty raw foods and ingredients that can reduce inflammation quickly. For the detail
An awful lot of people wind up dealing with this problem. To say it's not pleasant is a huge understatement and it impacts your body in many ways. The amazing thing is that people may be able to help protect themselves from problems with it by doing one very simple thing. It's not time consuming or something anyone dreads doing. It's simple.
If asked what they can do to protect their memory and make their brain work well, most people think of the kinds of food they eat, nutritional supplements they take, exercise they get, and maybe controlling the stress in their lives. But very few think of a common item in their house that might play a part in boosting their brain power... it's not microwave ovens. cell phones or TVs....
Statistics say close to 40% of all Americans suffer from this problem at least once a month, and nearly 50% of pregnant women suffer with it in `their third trimester. Unfortunately, common Other-the-Counter (OTC) medications used for it, have been linked to heart attacks, fractures, infections, and more.
Some of the foods you — and nearly everyone else — are eating, harm your brain in terms of memory issues, and also in its ability to learn. That was the conclusion of a UCLA study published in the Journal of Physiology that found a diet high in this substance over time can lead to impaired memory and impaired ability to learn. But that's not the end of it. It can also cause insulin resistance over time...
Recent research has found that partaking in this enjoyable activity, is as big a benefit to your health as quitting smoking is to those who smoke! Sounds like big benefits to us! It has a positive benefit on your immune system (even fewer colds and flu!!), it helps people deal with stress better. It has heart benefits and more.
People who don't get enough of this essential item are putting themselves at risk for a huge number of health problems... far more than most people imagine. But there are ways to easily boost the amount you get of this. And there are foods that can help...if you eat them at the right times.
People assume Over-The-Counter (OTC) pain relief medications are "pretty much harmless". Think again. Studies have found that these particular OTC meds can raise a person's risk of having a stroke or a heart attack by as much as 20% to 50%. And the risk starts from the First Week of Use... it doesn't take prolonged use.... from the first week of use.
There's an activity that is much-loved by millions of people that research has now found has some very significant health benefits. From reduced heart trouble and risk of diabetes to being the most popular type activity of this category by centenarians. Maybe they know something we should know?
Most people would never guess that this very popular snack item may actually help their teeth. Both in helping to prevent cavities, and in protecting tooth enamel. Can you guess what snack it is?
Few people realize how important it is to pay close attention to this. It's critical to Pay Attention... studies say not doing so can lead to bacteria getting into your brain, and more.
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