An End to Bad Hair Days?

No More Bad Hair Days?

Countless people have told us that they love Willard's Water ("WW" for short) for their hair -- telling us that their hair behaves better, looks as thick as possible, and stays healthy.  And if you haven’t tried WW or our WW Gels on your hair, other people who use them on their hair, would undoubtedly tell you you’d be doing yourself a big favor to do so.
Most people use both Willard’s Water and the Gel (usually Aqua Gel but you can also use the Chinota Gel) on their hair. 
As I said, those who use WW & the Gels on their hair, report these benefits from using them:

¨ Thicker looking hair
¨ More manageable hair
¨ Healthier hair
There may well be as many ways to use them on one’s hair as there are people using them on their hair. But the most commonly reported way to use them is to simply spray your hair with the diluted-for-use WW (often from our 8-oz Mist Bottle they’ve filled with the properly diluted-for-use WW. If mixing it up for an 8-oz bottle you use just 1/2 Teaspoon WW Concentrate to the 8-oz of water; if mixing a gallon you would use 2 TABLEspoons of WW Concentrate in the gallon).   
People say that before drying their hair, they spray the WW onto the hair roots near the scalp, and also work it through to the ends of their hair.
After spraying their hair with WW, they then put an appropriate amount of the Aqua Gel (or Chinota Gel), in the palm of their hand and work that through from the roots to the ends of their hair as well.  A little goes a long way… use just enough to get some on all the hair you want it on… don’t put it on thick.  (If you get too much on, your hair will feel sticky or tacky and it may still feel somewhat that way after you dry it.)  So, remember a little goes a long way! 
And even though it may be a “trial and error” exercise to find “just the right amount” for your own hair, we’ll bet you’ll end up saying it was worth the effort, because of the thicker looking, more manageable, and healthier hair you may see as a result.
And, if you wake up with “bedhead” hair — smashed/flattened in various directions — spraying those areas (on the dry hair) with the spray bottle of WW, and then brushing, combing, or sort of backcombing that hair into place, has worked wonders according to those who have tried it.
Spraying your hair with the WW spray doesn’t leave hair needing to be dried or curled as making it wet with regular water usually does… you can comb, brush, or backcomb it right after you spray it with WW… as we said, no drying or curling required… it just “behaves after being sprayed”, is how many users describe it!   
And people have even found spraying WW on hair that’s suffering from static electricity have found it works well.
We’d be remiss not to mention that many people have reported improvements in their hair just from drinking it.
But when people spray the WW and/or use the Gels as discussed here, many have also reported improvements in damaged hair from long-term use of “permanents”, or coloring, frosting, or bleaching of their hair.  Some say their hair was like “mush”, or had severely damaged ends, but after drinking WW and spraying their hair after every washing and before they dried it, they saw amazing improvements in the look and health of their hair.
And, yes, some people have reported their hair getting thicker that had been thinning, but WW is NOT any kind of treatment for baldness… not at all. 
As Dr. Willard said, “if a hair follicle is dead, it’s dead… and nothing… not Willard’s Water, nor anything else will bring it back at that point.” 
He did say if the reason for the thinning hair was something other than dead hair follicles, there could be some ways to possibly see it thicken again, depending on the cause.  If the cause was due to poor circulation, for instance, some of those people might be able to grow hair again if their circulation improved.
But that would be better circulation, not a treatment for balding!             

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