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What's the Difference? A LOT...

The ULTIMATE Dark was Dr. Willard's third, and final version of his amazing product. It was the one he told us he felt was his "Ultimate" success. Once he had perfected the Ultimate, he saw no need for any further change in it as it was the Ultimate form of it in his judgment.

Studies have found that the Ultimate performs as well or better on plants' nutrient absorption rates than either the Clear or the Dark versions when diluted 4 to 8 TIMES more than those weaker versions. In other words, the Ultimate seems to be about 4 to 8 TIMES more effective than the Clear and Dark versions.

Tests comparing the performance of the three versions on people led one researcher to summarize the differences by saying "the Ultimate is so much better it's not even in the same universe as the Clear or Dark".

Some people refer to the Ultimate as "the best of both worlds", because it equals the catalyst effect of the Clear (as we said, the Dark doesn't), and it also has the additional nutrients and minerals contained in fossilized remains of prehistoric vegetation which, through the process Dr. Willard developed, are extracted from Lignite coal,and added to the various versions of the Willard Water. Dr. Willard said the ULTIMATE and Dark contain a "saturated solution" of those nutrients and minerals, whereas the CLEAR contains only a trace amount of them.

Doc Willard considered it a victory when he finally perfected his Ultimate version containing those nutrients and minerals in as strong a catalyst as the Clear.

We are not saying there is anything wrong with the Dark. Thousands of people LOVE it, and we regard it as a very fine product. However, we have never forgotten Doc Willard telling us that he didn't know why anyone would want either the Dark or the Clear when they could have the Ultimate (with only a few exceptions where he said the Clear was preferable--detailed further down). Doc regarded the Ultimate as his finest accomplishment. That's why everyone here at NCI has been using the Ultimate personally ever since Doc perfected it back in 1984! And users seem to agree.. the fact is that the vast majority of our customers prefer the Ultimate version.

The Ultimate and Clear are pretty much the same as far as the molecular change they make in water goes. (As long as they've been manufactured and bottled at the Willard plant.) That's because nearly all of the water's unusual characteristics are from the molecular change it makes in the water you add the concentrate to, rather than from the minerals and other nutrients which make up the dark material. HOWEVER....

There are some differences that apparently do result from the greater concentration of those nutrients in the Ultimate. We say that because of the differences people notice in how the Ultimate performs compared to the others... some say when used topically the Ultimate seems to penetrate better and faster.  Others say they just like the Ultimate better and don't have to try to form a habit of remembering to drink it... they find themselves "wanting it' during the day -- some even say they crave it.  Some natural health experts have written that when a person has a craving for anything, it often means they are deficient in "some mineral"... since there are minerals in the Ultimate perhaps that's why people sometimes "crave" it.

Since Willard's Water is regarded as a more efficient form of water, perhaps the Ultimate is simply an even more efficient version of that more efficient water.

But, there are a few cases where we believe the Clear is the best choice...

  • For example, Doc Willard always said anyone using the product in their eyes (the mixed-up-for-use mixture, not the concentrate), should use the Clear.  So, for those of you who spray your eyes with it, you may want to keep that spray bottle filled with the Clear mixture. Same goes for anyone using it as an eyewash, or as a contact lens cleaner. Doc suggested that because he said, in theory, if any of the nutritional items in the Ultimate or Dark ever came out of solution, it might be a somewhat larger particle than would be desirable in your eyes -- his concern was the size of such a particle and not that anything in the Ultimate or the Dark would be harmful to the eye. As a practical matter, we've never seen the theorized possible problem of too large a particle getting in one's eye occur, nor had Doc, but he always felt it was much better to err on the cautious side, and we agree.
  • Also, if a person has lots of allergies, or sensitivities to a great many things, it would seem to make sense to at least start out with the Clear since there's simply less in it to react to or be sensitive to.  It's true, however, that many such people eventually switch to the Ultimate and prefer it, but we still believe it is best to start with the Clear in such cases.
  • And, from an aesthetic standpoint, some people simply prefer the Clear because it looks clear, or they believe others in their household will...in that case, it makes a lot more sense to use the Clear. After all, if you get the Ultimate,or Dark, and nobody will use it because they don't like the color of it, you've wasted your money! However, most people do not find the pale amber color of the mixed-up Ultimate to be an aesthetic problem for them. It does not look real dark once it is mixed-up for use... it looks like very weak ice tea or very weak apple juice. In fact, many people like that it has some color, so they know that container IS their mixed-up Willard's Water

You may find some places that sell Willard Water which only sell the Clear and the Dark versions. That is because they are not authorized to sell the Ultimate. Our firm is the only authorized distributor of it because, after Dr. Willard perfected it and it was ready to be marketed, he said he wanted our firm to be the sole distributor of it because of his confidence in us (see the copy of his Memo on our home page). His family agreed with his choice and decision on that and has continued to follow it. Which is why we are, and always have been, the only Distributor authorized to carry the Ultimate.

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