Why This Simple Thing Has Such a Large Impact for Some People They Give It as Gifts

Many people tell us they sometimes give Willard's Water to their friends or family members, and they like to have a simple way to explain why they think the recipient of the gift should want it. We always say the proven benefits of Willard's Water are in its ability to improve one's absorption of nutrients and to improve one's digestion to get rid of toxins and wastes better.  There has been enough information come out in recent years about the need for certain nutrients in the body in order for the body to be healthy and function as it should, and for better digestion to eliminate toxins and wastes becoming more and more widely known and acknowledged, that pointing out those confirmed abilities of Willard's Water to people often makes it clear to them why WW is seen as such a good thing by so many people.

But some of our customers who are giving Willard's Water as gifts this holiday season, asked us to repeat a little more of the details regarding the benefits of improved nutrient absorption and better elimination of toxins and wastes. So here are some more technical points about those benefits.


Studies have confirmed Willard's Water even boosts the extremely hard-to-absorb turmeric… which is one of the hardest nutrients  to absorb.  In fact WW improved turmeric’s absorption better than anything else ever had. 


Over the years we’ve had people tell us that they don’t seem as stressed out when drinking WW regularly.  Our layman’s guess on that, based on info from experts in nutrition and health, is that many nutrients are known to help people deal with stress and anxiety... the B vitamins and Magnesium are two that are often mentioned for that but there are others as well… so if you’re drinking WW and absorbing more of those nutrients from food or supplements, you may notice more calming benefits from them. 


For a stronger immune system, Vitamin C, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin K,  Zinc, and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid - which is an Omega-3 fatty acid found in fish), are some of the commonly listed nutrients experts in the field often include in lists of nutrients that support our immune systems. Again, if  you’re drinking WW regularly and you’re getting those immune supportive nutrients, the WW’s ability to improve your absorption and utilization of them may help you get even more benefits if you’re absorbing more than you otherwise would.


And, of course, there are countless nutrients that have been confirmed by studies in recent years to have particular health benefits, which we can’t begin to name in this brief article. The point is, whatever nutrients you are taking in through food or supplements, you may get more benefit from them if drinking WW regularly.


And, WW’s ability to boost absorption of nutrients includes the absorption of antioxidants, which have a very long list of health benefits all their own… so boosting one’s absorption of antioxidants is another big impact the WW may have.  And, since antioxidants increase the activity of free radical scavengers, the WW thereby helps to increase free radical scavenging by its boosting of the absorption of antioxidants which results in that increased free radical scavenging.


To understand the importance of  free radical scavenging, we must understand what free radicals do in the human body.  It gets complicated, but here is — verbatim — what an abstract of an article about “The role of free radicals in disease” published in PubMed.gov, from US Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, had to say about free radicals:
“Evidence is accumulating that
most of the degenerative diseases that afflict humanity have their origin in deleterious free radical reactions. These diseases include atherosclerosis, cancer, inflammatory joint disease, asthma, diabetes, senile dementia and degenerative eye disease. The process of biological aging might also have a free radical basis...The eye is an organ that... requires high levels of antioxidants to protect its unsaturated fatty acids. The human species is not genetically adapted to survive past middle age, and it appears that antioxidant supplementation of our diet is needed to ensure a more healthy elderly population.”
To be clear, we are NOT saying WW does or might do all those things listed in the info above about  free radicals, or even that it would do any particular ones listed there.  We included that quote to make it clear how many health issues are created by or linked to, free radicals.  Since WW has been tested and found to ultimately result in more activity to fight free radicals in the body, it would seem having WW “on your side” is a pretty positive thing.

And  on top of all the benefits that may result from improving one’s absorption of nutrients, don’t forget WW has also been demonstrated to improve digestion so your body’s elimination of waste, and toxins, is improved by WW’s impact in improving one’s digestion.  That may be the reason so many people tell us they can’t believe “how regular” they’ve become since drinking WW regularly.  People who have reported dealing with constipation most of the time for years, and others who say they have dealt with diarrhea on a regular basis for  years, often say they cannot believe how regular they’ve become since they added drinking WW to their daily routines.

So no, Willard’s Water is not any kind of treatment for anything, nor is it a preventive of any particular thing, but to us laypeople the improvements WW causes that are discussed here makes it seem very worthwhile. A lot of people have told us they never could have imagined the impact it would have on their lives... so simple but life-changing to them.  Plus it’s never been found to have any negative impact, so it definitely seems like a “win-win” to us!            

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