A Vegetable Many People Ignore Turns Out to Have Exciting Possibilities to Save Memory Function

        Some people refer to this vegetable as a forgotten vegetable.. And given how little attention is paid to it that description seems fair.


        But recent research may result in it not only no longer being forgotten, but actually make it very popular again.


        Recent studies have found that this forgotten vegetable contains a compound that helps the brain cells to survive and thrive as you age.


        It’s not news that a person’s brain is a very busy organ. But what many people don’t know is all the activity in the brain makes the brain susceptible to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the build-up of reactive, oxidative caustic waste products that are created by the brain’s constant need for energy.


That’s why natural antioxidants found in vegetables and fruits are so important to maintain a good memory as you age.


And that’s why recent studies that found the often forgotten beet with its natural compound that gives the beet its red color — betanin — one of the most important antioxidant compounds for maintaining healthy memories.

In addition, research also showed that betanin powers up your body’s own antioxidant defenses. It does that by positively affecting genes that release cellular signals which stimulate the creation and release of the body’s natural antioxidant enzymes that further protect the brain.


Bottom line—betanin not only protects against free radicals, but it makes sure your neurons and other brain cells defend themselves more effectively.


On top of all that, betanin can also protect the integrity of proteins in the brain that neurons need for better communication with other neurons, which leads to a healthy memory and good cognitive function.

But there is still more benefits recently found of betanin. Other studies have found that betanin helps to stop folding abnormalities from occurring in the brain and thereby help the brain cells to resist the breakdown of neuron -to-neuron exchange of information, that can occur when misfolded proteins are formed.


And that’s still not all of the good news regarding betanin. Other studies have found that betanin may also:

¨ Lower the risk of cancer,

¨ Improve blood flow and heart health

¨ Protect against phycological damage caused by drug overdoses

¨ Prove useful for fighting malaria


To take advantage of the memory-boosting benefits of betanin you could start by eating or juicing beets. However you likely can’t get enough of it by doing that, so you may want to take beet root supplements.


Either way, remember that studies have confirmed that drinking Willard’s Water significantly increases the body’s assimilation and absorption of nutrients, so you may want to make Willard’s Water a regular part of your daily routine, if you haven’t already!                           

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