Strauss Heartdrops

Our customers convinced us that we should include Strauss Heartdrops in our line of extraordinary products.

It’s true! We heard so many reports from very happy users of these amazing “drops” who told us they thought we owed it to our customers to add them to our line if we could get them, that we contacted the Strauss company and got set up to carry them. That was back in April of 2002, and we’ve heard nothing but glowing reports from many hundreds of our own customers who have used them since then.

Actually, we are cautious and conservative enough, that customer urging got us interested enough that two of us here did obtain the Heartdrops and tried them. Results were quite dramatic -- in reducing angina-type pain, shortness of breath, and irregular heartbeat. Only then did we arrange to carry the Strauss products.

We consider these “drops” to be one of the most important products we carry. And a large number of our customers would agree whole-heartedly, and are very grateful that we made them available.

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