Finally, Nature’s “First” Food Is Being Widely Recognized.
We’ve Recognized It, and Provided Premier Colostrum, Since 1983.

Colostrum was the second health product we became involved with. We've been using it ourselves, and offering it to others, since 1983. We've always regarded it as the second most important substance we offer--second only to Willard's Water. Many people simply feel it "means something" that the first food nature designed for us was colostrum--apparently second only to water in terms of our needs. We've never wavered in our belief that "one of these years" it would be recognized as the miracle substance it is, and "suddenly" it would be the supplement that "everyone wanted now"--recognized for its benefits far beyond those it affords to "newborns". People of all ages would reap its benefits. That finally seems to be happening--colostrum use has been gathering momentum for some time now.

We've always felt, personally, "whatever our health concern", or for simply trying to stay healthy, we would use Willard's Water and Colostrum faithfully as our "Plan A".

We offer the following colostrum choices, at present. "Alpha Whey III" (Item H-3) is the liquid version--and it's had the fats removed—which is one reason it’s called colostrum whey (not to be confused with milk whey, which is what most people think of when they hear the word “whey”). “Alpha-Whey” is also another way of saying “First (Alpha) Milk (Whey). (Some say removing the fats is an advantage [especially for those who are lactose intolerant], and the liquid is definitely better for anyone with digestive problems [it’s simply more easily digested, since the body doesn’t need to break it down... in fact, that’s one of the reasons many people think the liquid is better for anyone than powdered or capsulized colostrum], but others prefer the whole colostrum). Item H-5 is dried Colostrum in capsule form--more convenient since it doesn't need to be refrigerated, and since it’s “easier to swallow a pill” for most people, it may be more likely to be used regularly.

We feel compelled to say that with the new and growing interest in colostrum we’ve seen a lot of good information come “on the scene”. We’ve also seen some that seems misleading, and possibly quite self-serving. Example: we’ve seen information that says powdered colostrum is better than liquid colostrum. NOT TRUE! Just think about it... can you think of any mammal that “gives” powdered colostrum? Obviously not! The truth is, it’s very difficult for the processor to deal with colostrum in liquid form, to process it in such a way that it retains all the beneficial ingredients, but is made “shelf stable”. The process to do that is proprietary, so most marketers simply don’t have a liquid colostrum to sell.

But we’ve seen the reports from our customers ever since 1983 on this fabulous product. And we’ve seen how well it’s worked for us, in our own homes. In fact, if we were fighting any serious illness, there’s little doubt, we would be using the liquid “Alpha Whey III”. Simply because of it’s impeccable track record. Results speak far louder in our book, than anyone’s hypothesis. Based on those results, we can say with confidence that we have provided only Premier Colostrum since 1983. We wouldn't use anything less ourselves, so we certainly wouldn't ask anyone else to!

The key factor determining the quality of colostrum is how soon after giving birth it is collected. Our colostrum is made only from colostrum collected within the first 24 hours after calving. Experts tell us that about 95% of the benefits are contained in those first 24 hours' colostrum. After that it quickly becomes less and less colostrum, and more and more like milk. Though technically a dairy farmer cannot sell milk from a cow until the fifth day after she gives birth, and therefore all the substance collected from her over those first 4 days can be called “colostrum” (since it isn’t technically allowed to be called milk), anything from the second day on, is a tiny fraction as beneficial as that from the first day. Low heat processing is important in the powdered or capsule form...our dry colostrum products (capsules and powder forms) do come from low-heat processed colostrum. Our liquid form requires no heat in the processing, which is another advantage it has.

How much to use? For "maintenance", 2-3 capsules per day, or 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of the H-3 liquid. If fighting a health problem, most people take much more than that--no need to worry about any "overdose" problems--there are no toxic side effects.

For more information, see our page on “Colostrum:What it is, etc.”, and list of “Frequently Asked Questions About Colostrum”.