. .Things aren't always what they appear to be! If you want genuine Dr. Willard's Water--the one actually reported on so positively by "60 Minutes"--the one made and patented by Dr. Willard--then you want the product made and bottled at the Willard manufacturing plant.

Unfortunately, a great many people who think they've used Dr. Willard's Water have NOT. For years, there have been (and still are) imitation products on the market as well as products that were not made and bottled at the plant which contained some of the real product but not in the proper concentration. Both the imitation products and the wrongly concentrated products have often been perceived as being Dr. Willard's Water due to misleading marketing by the firms selling them.

So, how can you know what you're getting? It comes down to this: buy what is made and BOTTLED at the Willard manufacturing plant, leaving no possibility for improper dilution, mixing, or bottling of it by anyone not experienced in handling this unique product. Nutrition Coalition has been bringing you genuine Dr. Willard's Water longer than any other marketer...since 1982. We GUARANTEE that's what you're getting--the real thing, in its full concentration, just as Dr. Willard formulated it, and patented it, and as "60 Minutes" found it and reported it!

No "ifs, ands, or buts" about it!

So be sure to buy only product that says clearly it is Dr. Willard's Water, from a marketer you can trust! Enjoy!