21 U.S. Patents
How & Why Are They Significant?

Having 21 U.S Patents is "significant", indeed!. . . the U.S. Patent Office will not issue patents on inventions that don't do what they claim to do.  A number of the Patents on Dr. Willard's Waters deal with "warm blooded animals", like livestock and poultry.  Some of the patents refer to:

"Therapeutically Treating Damaged and/or Infected Tissue in Warm Blooded Animals, and Relieving Stress and Shock in Warm Blooded Animals";

"Method of Reducing the Incidence of Infectious Diseases and Relieving Stress in Livestock";

"Method of Therapeutically Treating Warm Blooded Animals and Compositions Therefor"; and

"The incidence of Infectious Disease in Poultry is Reduced and/or Anti-Social Behavior (cannibalism) is Reduced" (An interesting note: tests on chickens have shown Willard's Water calms them down--a lot of people say it calms them, too , which could be just "in their heads", but we doubt it was in the chickens' heads!)

All of the above quotes from the various patents, often make people ask if, since people are warm-blooded animals, this doesn't mean we could say the same thing applies to people.  The answer is that while the product was proven to have these benefits to the satisfaction of the U.S. Patent Office, the efficacy tests required for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to say it has been proven effective for people in these regards, have not been done (due to lack of  the hundreds of millions of dollars required for such tests).

It's also significant that the Dr. Willard's Water is the only such product to be patented. . . a lot of imitation products have been sold (and still are), but experience has shown they are not  "as good as Dr. Willard's Waters", or, as some claim, "improved versions (!)".  (If they really were improved versions they'd have gotten their own patents!)...there simply is no other product like Dr. Willard's Water. . .