What is PlantCatalyst®?

Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® is a nutrient absorption enhancer for plants invented by award winning chemistry professor, Dr. John W. Willard PhD. This ground-breaking product is specially formulated using an extensive and patented manufacturing process, developed by Dr. Willard, in which a colloidal particle called a micelle is created. When the PlantCatalyst® micelle is added to ordinary water (tap water, purified water, well water, etc) the micelle, according to Dr Willard, causes a change in the structure of that water and it becomes a more efficient delivery system for nutrients. This altered structure serves as a catalyst or transport medium that can enhance the uptake and assimilation of nutrients in plants. Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® is not a nutrient, but a vehicle for carrying nutrients throughout the plant's cells.


The potential impact of Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® on plants, even in very dilute solutions, was first identified in one of Dr. Willard’s first published experiments conducted in a commercial greenhouse. He and Dean Sime, the owner of the Jolly Lane Greenhouse in Rapid City, South Dakota added one ounce (30 ml) of PlantCatalyst® to a 1,000 gallon (4,000 litre) reservoir and reduced Sime’s standard nutrient application by 50% (see Roy Jacobsen, Aqua Vitae, 1992, pages 69-71). Sime’s testimony, in a video also entitled Aqua Vitae mentions improvements in seed germination, sturdier stocks, more blooms and more buds (see also Jacobsen, pages 69-71).

The results of that experiment were supported by test data on over 100,000 plants treated with PlantCatalyst® in commercial greenhouses in Florida, Ontario and British Columbia and studies at institutions such as the University of Wisconsin, South Dakota State University, among others. Some of these results were published in an article by C G Crapper in Maximum Yield, May/June 1999. Many of the studies can be viewed by visiting the research tab on our website here.

While the precise mechanism behind how PlantCatalyst® actually operates within the plants’ cells remains a bit of a mystery, the reported impact on plants is well documented and fairly extensive. Benefits of using Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® include:

  • Larger and/or greener plants
  • More blooms and/or plants blooming earlier
  • Sturdier stocks and/or more extensive root systems
  • Greater resilience in stressful growing environments
  • More yield per plant, larger fruit/flowers and enhanced flavor and aroma

Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® also contains the fossil remains of plant and animal matter featuring many important micro-nutrients/trace minerals and can be used to subsidize your mineral regimen. In the concentrated form Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® has a pH of 12.4 and can be added as a pH Up product as well.

PlantCatalyst® and other Dr. Willard® products have been tested and analyzed by many reputable laboratories, universities and commercial greenhouse owners/operators around the world. This testing, with plants, animals and humans demonstrates the enhanced cellular absorption and nutrient retention features of these unique products.

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