Reported Pet & Animal Uses
For Willard Water

We'd have to say that the reported uses for pets and animals of Willard's Water (WW for short) are about as varied, and often very similar to, the way in which people say they like to use WW for themselves. In fact, it has always seemed to us that the reports on animals' uses of WW have seemed even more dramatic than those on people. We have no actual research to substantiate that, but it certainly has seemed to us that dogs with arthritis for instance, may see increased mobility and less signs of pain, even faster than people report such things.

Many people regard animals' responses to WW as being significant in that they are not likely to be due to a placebo effect (just in their heads). And, it has also occurred to us that perhaps the WW seems to work even faster and more dramatically in animals, because the animals also don't have the idea in their heads that "this can't work". No way to prove that, but it's an interesting idea.


We have had countless reports over the decades from people who have thanked us for the change they saw in their pet or animals when they began using WW for them.


What kind of animals have we heard WW being used on? Almost any you can think of... dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, fish, pigs, cattle, etc.


What have people said they thought the WW helped their animal with? Here are a few that come to mind:


• Arthritis
• Age-related problems
• Behavior improvements -- less nervousness, agitation, etc.
• Coat appearance improvement
• Diarrhea
• Hot Spots (Dogs)
• Illnesses of various kinds
• Injuries of various kinds
• Weaning from mothers made easier
• Etc. Etc. Etc.


For more specific information, click on the link below to our Special Edition Newsletter on WW and Pets & Animals. It's only 4 pages and has some very interesting animal stories!


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