Both Aqua Gel and Chinota Gel are made from Dr. Willard's Water - it's their key ingredient, and both Aqua Gel and Chinota Gel are exclusively available from NCI.

"Aqua Gel" is the multi-purpose, topical use Dr. Willard's Water product (WW, for short), containing aloe vera and vitamin E (along with WW) in a convenient gel.

People love it for use on their hair; their skin; insect bites; sunburn; burns; under make-up; on rashes and acne, on psoriasis and eczema; on aches and pains and bumps and bruises - a real multi-purpose product.

The "Chinota Gel", on the other hand, is a topical use pain relief product. It's typically used on more intense or chronic pain than Aqua Gel. People with arthritic joints, severe muscle spasms, severe headaches, or severe pain of any kind, have told us they can't believe the relief from the Chinota Gel.

Given the fact that WW is known for such pain-relief all by itself, it's no wonder that when it's combined with the Chinese herbal formula used for centuries for pain relief, it becomes something really amazing!

In fact, a lot of people tell us that using either of the gel products really convinces them of the merit of Willard's Water...

"Seeing is believing" ... when they see it perform so well topically, they say it gives them an inkling of why so many people love using WW itself everyday, and would never be without it!

Don't you deserve to find out what these gels could mean to you?