Frequently Asked Questions About
Willard Water

CLEAR, ULTIMATE Dark, or XXX? What's the Difference? The difference is the amount of nutrients (trace minerals and other nutrients) that are in them. Many people start out with the Clear but most who have tried all three... Clear, Ultimate Dark and XXX, prefer the Ultimate Dark. Why the Ultimate Dark? Some say for even more energy boost, some for more blood sugar balancing, some for more relief from gout, some simply say they find the Ultimate Dark even more refreshing, and think about drinking it more often...almost like a craving.

How Much Do You Use? How Long Will A Bottle Last? An 8-oz bottle of the Clear or the Ultimate Dark will last one adult about 32 days, if they use the typical 32-ounces per day from their "mixed up gallon" that most users do. So, a quart size (32-oz) of Clear or Ultimate Dark would last one adult about 4 months, at this rate, and a Gallon of Clear or Ultimate Dark would last one adult about 16 months at this rate. The XXX, on the other hand, since it is a weaker version than either the Clear or the Ultimate Dark, will only last half as long,and even when properly mixed is not as strong a product, as the other two.

How Long Is The Shelf Life of the Concentrate? Years! Just be sure to keep the cover on, to prevent any airborne particles from getting into it.

What If I Take Other Supplements or Medications? No problem. Dr. Willard's Water seems to help all other natural products work better, by increasing absorption of them. As to medications.... one thing you need to monitor is if the condition for which you are taking the medication changes after using Willard's Water (WW, for short)...if so, you may need less medication. Caution also says to take medications at a different time than you do your WW, to prevent any boosting of the actual medicine, though we've never seen that occur, and doctors tell us even if you absorb 100% of a medication, it would not result in an overdose, if you were taking the dosage prescribed.

Can Children Use It? Absolutely! Not only can they, but we've been told a number of times about kids who hated water, but when given Willard's Water they loved it. And kids who have seen it work on bumps and other "owies", will soon ask just for the water or the "gel" when they need to deal with such problems. Kids know what works!

Can my Cat, Dog, Horse, Bird, Use It? Yes! Some of the most amazing reports we've received over the years have been the ones involving animals. And we've often been told of dogs and horses that won't drink other water if they have a choice between it and Willard's Water. We even heard of deer that only ate the Willard-Water treated vegetables in one garden where the gardener had left some without the WW, to see what would happen!

Is It Safe? YES! It's been found to be non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic and causing no mutagenic activity, and every lab testing it (including the one for CBS's "60 Minutes"), agreed it can't hurt anything!)