How Do HEALTHY People Know If Willard Water Benefits Them?

By Charlie Sunde

People often say they don’t really have anything “wrong with them”, so they aren’t sure if Dr.Willard's Water (WW for short) will be of benefit to them or not. That can seem like a real dilemma. . . nobody wants to just “foolishly” spend money and effort using something if there’s no way to know if it’s of benefit.

We often pass along reports from people who say “WW” has helped them with their arthritis, or digestive problems, or migraines, or back pain, or diabetes, or skin problems, or burns, or high blood pressure, or stomach ulcers, or whatever. It just goes on and on.

But, over the years, we have heard numerous comments on how “the water” has been of benefit in “little ways” in just the “normal, everyday lives of people who are lucky enough to be basically healthy”, that indicate it IS doing something positive for those people. These “little things” often also indicate that it might be logical to believe the health of the person involved may be much better “down the road”, than it otherwise would be, if they hadn’t used WW, even though there would be no way of knowing that, since there’s “only one of them”. But if the signs of a body working better that seem to appear with the use of Willard's Water are any indication, it would seem that those signs of health should bear additional fruit in years ahead, in the form of a healthier person.

Well, here’s my list of some of the commonly reported “little things” that give people reassurance that their decision to make Dr. Willard's Water a part of their lives, was wise.

  • Cold hands and feet aren’t cold anymore. (Better circulation?)
  • Sleeping better and often seemingly dreaming more (or remembering dreams better)—a sign of better sleep.
  • Improved regularity (ending chronic constipation for many people, and ending chronic diarrhea in others).
  • Better absorption of foods — kernels of corn no longer visible in their stools.
  • More alert, better memory, a feeling of being “more alive” or a “general feeling of wellness”.
  • Fewer aches & pains.
  • More energy.
  • Better condition of hair & nails.
  • Better complexion and “color”.
  • Dealing with stress better (indicated by less “nervous eating”; fewer sleep problems, etc.)
  • Fewer colds, flu, and other such problems—and getting over them quicker.
  • Quicker-than-usual recovery from surgeries & healing of broken bones.
  • If they quit drinking Willard's Water, eventually they say they realize they’re feeling again like they did “before the water”, and then realize it really was helping them.
  • Finding that nutritional supplements seem to be working better—often getting the same results, taking less of the supplements. Also finding that many other personal care items also work better, when using WW with them — from shampoos, conditioners, and skin moisturizers to toothpaste!
  • Increased “feeling of wellness” and being generally “happier” and more “alive”—from “I laugh more”, to “my husband’s much more ‘interested’ in me physically—maybe ‘cause he’s feeling so much better and has more energy”—and some husbands have said “vice versa” about their wives.
  • Feeling more spiritually at peace— “it’s easier to be closer to God when I’m not hurting, constipated or fighting for sleep!”.

So even if you don’t have anything “major” to work on, you may benefit from “WW” in lots of other ways! And, though there’s no way to prove it, many people believe they’ll be healthier years from now than they otherwise would be, having given themselves the benefits of Dr. Willard's Water.

Those benefits include increased absorption and utilization of nutrients. Which means whatever you read Vitamin E, A, or C, or any other nutrient is “good for”, if you’re drinking “WW”, your body will likely actually absorb more of those good things, and therefore get more benefit from them.

Another benefit is the increased elimination of toxins and wastes that are harmful to you. If “WW” helps you get rid of them better, that has to be a good thing, today and “down the road”. And, given what’s known about WW’s superior antioxidant abilities, and super abilities at eliminating free radicals, many people believe all known benefits of antioxidants and free radical scavengers “goes double (or much more!)” for Dr. Willard's Water! That’s because it has so many more electrons than most such substances have to give up, or “pair” with, free radicals in one’s body, so it can perform that role many more times than substances with fewer electrons. (Pairing with free radicals is how those free radicals are “neutralized”, so to speak.)

Those are some of the reasons knowledgeable people believe staying healthier is more likely if Dr. Willard's Water is a part of your life.