Antioxidant & Free Radical Scavenging
And Dr. Willard's Water's Benefits

How significant are the presence of free radicals in the body? How concerned should we be about them? According to many natural health experts they are involved in a very high percentage of all our disease problems. Some go so far as to say about 80% to 90% of diseases we encounter are linked to excessive production of free radicals in the body. Until recent years, the medical sciences lacked a unified theory of how disease occurs in the body. But there is now the Free Radical Theory of Disease. and it has support from experts in many different branches of science and medicine. Whenever a group of scientists from different fields generally agree on a theory, it does make the theory seem quite credible.

Before explaining how and why Willard's Water is considered an exceptional scavenger of free radicals, let's briefly explain what Free Radicals are. They are unbalanced, highly reactive molecules. To simplify that explanation, let's look at what they are and how they become unbalanced and highly reactive.

Like all matter, the human body is made up of tiny particles called molecules. Each molecule is composed of atoms, and each of the atoms is made up of a nucleus (a center), and electrons which spin around that center (or nucleus) in orbits. If a molecule loses an electron, or picks up an extra one, it becomes unbalanced and highly reactive. Such an unbalanced, highly reactive molecule is called a free radical.

Having free radicals is not a stable state for a molecule to be in. Therefore such a molecule (one that has become a free radical) will do what it can to return to a more balanced and stable state by taking an electron from some other molecule in order to restore its own balance. It is this electron-taking by the free radical that causes damage to the body, because the electron the free radical steals may be from a molecule contained in a normal (healthy) cell. In taking the electron from the healthy cell, the free radical damages the healthy cell and the body.s functioning is damaged as a result.

So, where does Dr. Willard's Water fit into this scenario? It is a superior antioxidant and scavenger of free radicals, because it is able to replenish its supply of electrons, according to Roy Jacobsen in his book Aqua Vitae. (Aqua Vitae means water of life.) In his book, Jacobsen quotes Dr. Willard as saying that when you have a reducing agent, for example H2S, where the sulfur has two extra electrons, it will give those up (thereby acting as a Free Radical Scavenger). But, once this particle has been used up, it is used up, said Doc.

But Willard's Water draws from its vast reservoir [of electrons]. . . and it isn't used up. . . it can perform over and over again as an antioxidant &/or Free Radical Scavenger, unlike the normal ones, which can each only perform the task until they run out of their limited supply of electrons.

So you could just think of Willard's Water as simply being able to "outlast" other such Scavengers. It seems to us that by outlasting them, it also out-performs them.