We’ve written before about a condition that is likely affecting more and more people every day that has been found to be the biggest reason people FEEL old. It’s now also been linked to a more than doubling of the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. What is it?
A recent study found cases of this cancer have tripled over the last 30 years. Researchers studying it believe the culprit may be lurking in places that might be the last places you’d suspect it. Julie Ann Sosa, Professor of Surgery & Medicine, and Chief of Endocrine Surgery at Duke Cancer Institute, Duke University Medical Center, said there’s a virtual epidemic of this cancer that in the United States.
It’s pretty common to see these items listed as healthy additions to one’s diet. What’s surprising to a lot of people is that they can be especially good for your brain. And the most “news-like” element of this article is that certain types have certain and distinct types of benefits for cognition, and weight control. What type of items are we talking about?
If you're a coffee drinker you may often have people tell you that you should back off your coffee drinking because they’ve heard it’s bad for your health. The truth, according to research, is that it has significant health benefits… with a few caveats we’ll detail later in this article. And another drink that's always had a "better reputation" as being healthy, has been found to have even more benefits than most people are aware of.
Are you new to Willard's Water and have a couple questions? You've chosen to start using our products and are enjoying their benefits, but still aren't sure you quite understand everything? No problem, let us fill you in on the basics.
Have you noticed that nearly every “diet program” you check out tells you to be sure to get enough of one very common item? Nearly every diet expert recognizes that this common item can (and does) help the body to lose weight. And it also helps the body to NOT gain weight — especially important to those fortunate people who don’t have to diet.
People often ask us why other people seem to love Dr. Willard's Water (Willard's Water or WW for short) so much. They wonder if it makes them healthier or happier or what. To answer that it is good to keep in mind just what that means... according to the World Health Organization, “Health is more than the absence of disease. Health is a state of optimal well-being.” Americans once believed that the body maintains a consistent state of health wi
You might be surprised to know that the substance that has been found to help reduce brain fog, joint pain and metabolic issues mentioned in the above headline has also been found to prevent headaches; prevent crankiness, make skin glow, improve “executive function” like planning and strategy development, is not some brand new high tech discovery, or supplement… it’s
I'd bet almost nobody reading this will guess correctly on what we're talking about.. What do you think has now been found to cause an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, negative thinking, and a harder time on math tests? And also causes all these negatives:
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