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We Offer ALL THREE Willard Waters... CLEAR, XXX, and ULTIMATE Dark ...
What's the Difference? A LOT...

The ULTIMATE Dark was Dr. Willard's third, and final version of his amazing product. It was the one he felt was his "Ultimate" success. Once he had perfected the Ultimate, he saw no need for any further change in it as it was the Ultimate form of it in his judgment.

Recent studies (as of December 2011) have found that the Ultimate Dark performs as well or better on plants' nutrient absorption rates than either the Clear or old XXX versions when diluted 4 to 8 TIMES more than those weaker versions. In other words, the Ultimate Dark seems to be about 4 to 8 TIMES more effective than the Clear and XXX.

Tests comparing the performance of the three versions on people led one researcher to summarize the differences by saying "the Ultimate Dark is so much better it's not even in the same universe as the Clear or XXX".

Some people refer to the Ultimate or Ultimate Dark as "the best of both worlds", because it equals the catalyst effect of the Clear (as we said, the XXX doesn't), and it also has the additional nutrients and minerals contained in fossilized remains of prehistoric vegetation which, through the process Dr. Willard developed, are extracted from Lignite coal,and added to the various versions of the Willard Water. Dr. Willard said the ULTIMATE and XXX contain a "saturated solution" of those nutrients and minerals, whereas the CLEAR contains only a trace amount of them. It is important to understand that the nutrients are extracted from the lignite and it is not the lignite itself that goes into the product, which is a widespread misunderstanding that many people have had over the years.

Doc Willard considered it a victory when he finally perfected his Ultimate version containing those nutrients and minerals in as strong a catalyst as the Clear.

We are not saying there is anything wrong with the XXX. Thousands of people LOVE it, and we regard it as a fine product. However, we have never forgotten Doc Willard telling us that he didn't know why anyone would want either the XXX or the Clear when they could have the Ultimate (except for a few situations where he said the Clear was prefereable--detailed further down). Doc regarded the Ultimate Dark as his finest accomplishment. That's why everyone here at NCI has been using the Ultimate personally ever since Doc perfected it back in 1984! And users seem to agree.. the fact is that the vast majority of people prefer the Ultimate version.

The Ultimate Dark and Clear are pretty much the same as far as the molecular change they make in water goes. (As long as they've been manufactured and bottled at the Willard plant--check out the Buyer Beware information on our site to get more details on this.) That's because nearly all of the water's unusual characteristics are from the molecular change it makes in the water you add the concentrate to, rather than from the minerals and other nutrients which make up the dark material. HOWEVER....

There are some differences that apparently do result from the greater concentration of those nutrients in the Ultimate Dark. We say that because of the differences people notice in how the Ultimate Dark performs compared to the others...

Very consistently, people with blood sugar problems... whether it's High blood sugar or Low blood sugar... have told us that the Ultimate Dark has worked even better for them than the Clear.

Ditto that for people with gout. And, since gout is a type of arthritis, we've often wondered if perhaps anyone with any type of arthritis might not prefer the Ultimate Dark. We do know that it seems to us that all of the people we have personally talked to who have any type of arthritis and are using Willard's Water, prefer the Ultimate Dark.

And a lot of people have said they feel they get even a little more energy from the Ultimate Dark than the Clear; and people using the water along with any of our weight loss and energy supplements have very consistently said they felt that the Ultimate Dark boosted their results even more than the Clear did. (We've heard that from people who started out with just the supplement, then added the Clear Willard's Water and felt the supplement was working better for them; and then, finally, they switched to the Ultimate Dark Willard's Water, and they say they saw an even greater improvement in their results.)

And most people using the Ultimate Dark who have also used one of the other versions say they simply like it better. They find themselves thinking about wanting some of it at various times of the day, whereas with the Clear, they simply got on a schedule to remember to drink it at a particular time or times. Some people even say they crave the Ultimate Dark. Many natural health experts say that any time a person craves anything, it indicates that they have some sort of a mineral deficiency... since the Ultimate Dark is dark due to minerals in it, that could explain why some people sort of crave it who did not crave the Clear. There are also minerals in the XXX, but the Ultimate has more minerals and again, people who have tried the XXX also tell us they prefer the Ultimate Dark and like it better.

But, there are a few cases where we believe the Clear is the best choice...

For example, Doc Willard always said anyone using the product in their eyes (the mixed-up-gallon, not the concentrate), should use the Clear. So, for those of you who spray your tired, and/or red eyes with it, you may want to keep that spray bottle filled with the Clear mixture. Same goes for anyone using it as an eyewash, or as a contact lens cleaner. Doc suggested that because he said, in theory, if any of the nutritional items in the Ultimate Dark or XXX ever came out of solution, it might be a somewhat larger particle than would be desirable in your eye. As a practical matter, we've never seen that problem occur, nor had Doc, but he always felt it was much better to err on the cautious side, and we agree.

Also, if a person has lots of allergies, or sensitivities to a great many things, it would seem to make sense to at least start out with the Clear since there's simply less in it to react to or be sensitive to.

And, from an aesthetic standpoint, some people simply find the Clear more appetizing looking, or they believe others in their household will...in that case, it makes a lot more sense to use the Clear. After all, if you get the Ultimate Dark,or XXX, and nobody will use it because they don't like the color of it, you've wasted your money! However, most people do not find the light amber color of the mixed-up Ultimate Dark to be an aesthetic problem for them. It does not look real dark once it is mixed-up for use... it looks like very weak ice tea or very weak apple juice. In fact, many people like that it has some color, so they know that container IS their mixed-up Willard's Water!

I (Charlie) can't resist telling you about my wife Kolleen's conversion to the Dark...she'd always said she'd never drink that because the color of the Dark made it look yucky, as she put it. That was until the day we first met Doc Willard in person. We'd had a fascinating and intense conversation with him from 7 a.m. when he picked us up at the airport all through the day... about 5 o'clock Kolleen sort of sunk into a couch they had at the plant (the Willard's manufacturing plant where we were visiting), saying she felt mentally and physically exhausted... like a computer with an overload.

Ever the considerate host, Doc asked her if she'd like a glass of his water She said that would be fantastic. What she didn't know was that Doc always drank the Dark, and that was all he had mixed up at the plant for drinking... so he came back with a TALL glass of his Dark water and presented it to Kolleen... she's always said she couldn't think of any gracious way to say Yuck, so down the hatch it went! Surprise! She really liked it!

After that we learned from Doc about gout and blood sugar problems reportedly benefiting more from the Dark... Kolleen was pregnant at the time... it was the first day of the last month of her third (and final) pregnancy. Well, during that pregnancy she'd developed gestational diabetes which we'd been told would result in the baby being taken early by C-section, because her blood sugar would undoubtedly go sky high at the end and endanger the baby.

After hearing what Doc had to say about the Dark, she switched to the Dark that day, and her blood sugar started coming down. She went full-term, and had no problems whatsoever. We never explained it to her OB/GYN, but I did feel sorry for him when he stammered around one day, trying to convince me that what he'd told us would usually happen, really usually did happen. He said he had no idea why it didn't in Kolleen's case. I assured him I believed him and we were just glad to be an exception, but I didn't tell him WHY I thought that exception had occurred! (He was a very "conventional" sort of M.D., and he simply wouldn't have believed the explanation, so I decided not to put him, or us, through the frustration of such a conversation!)

By the way, Kolleen was told she'd likely see her blood sugar return to normal after delivering the baby (that's what normally happens) BUT that she should expect to be diabetic by her 40s. The doctors were very sure of that prediction due to her having had gestational diabetes along with her family history of diabetes. Well, she will be 60 in March of 2011, and has never developed diabetes. Again, as we always remind people, one person's experience doesn't prove anything scientifically. But you better believe nobody's ever convincing us to quit drinking Dr. Willard's ULTIMATE Water!

In summary, since it sometimes helps make sense of all this if you look at the chronological order in which the three products came about, here are those details on the development of the three versions Dr. Willard (affectionately known as "Doc") formulated of his amazing catalyst.

He first made the CLEAR,and then decided it would be even better if he could add nutrients and minerals from prehistoric vegetation that had been "locked up" in lignite coal for thousands of years.

The result of adding those nutrients and vegetations was his second version which he called XXX (the XXX was for having extra minerals and nutrients in it compared to the Clear). But, to his great disappointment, the addition of the nutrients weakened the product.

So Doc went back to the drawing board and spent a few more years perfecting his plan, and finally, came up with the version which has come to be called the ULTIMATE Dark. It was previously also called XLR-8 PLUS, or just "the Dark".

You may find some places that sell Willard Water which only sell the Clear and the XXX versions. That is because they are not authorized to sell the Ultimate. Our firm is the only authorized distributor of it because, after Dr. Willard perfected it and it was ready to be marketed, he said he wanted our firm to be the sole distributor of it. His family agreed with his choice and decision on that and has continued to follow it. Which is why we are, and always have been, the only Distributor authorized to carry the Ultimate or Ultimate Dark, as many people call it.

Note of Clarification: When Kolleen was first "presented" with that tall glass of Dark Willard's Water by Doc, it was the XXX version, since that's the only Dark he had available at the time. It wasn't too long after that, however, that he finally had his Ultimate Dark perfected. We switched to the Ultimate Dark as soon as he had it available and have stuck with it as our personal choice ever since.

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